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Feed Your Family
Delicious & Healthy Food
Without the Mealtime Battles

Tips and strategies for introducing naturally healthy food to children 

  • Stop wasting time on food kids won't eat

  • Be empowered to introduce simple and delicious food your kids will love!

  • Feel confident that you are making the best food choices for your family

Fighting About Food is Exhausting

It's no secret that mothers struggle to feed their children healthy food. 
Young children are notoriously picky eaters, and hostage negotiation tactics
at the dinner table are emotionally exhausting.

You may feel guilty only feeding your child the same three foods each day,
but what else can you do?

You want to feed your children healthy and wholesome foods,
but the amount of information on "nutrition" can feel overwhelming.

It's time to get help!


Feeding Your Family Healthy Food
Doesn't Have to be

As a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Human Nutrition, I know what the body needs to feel healthy and energized. But as a mother of two children under 4, I also know kids couldn't care less about research articles and developmental milestones.

With my expertise as a doctor and nutritionist combined with my motherhood instincts, I've been able to develop tips and strategies to help you introduce healthy and wholesome food at all ages

What makes me different from your average nutritionist
or registered dietician is my medical background.


I am familiar with physiology and biochemistry on a much deeper level. I am also able to recognize health, development, and pathology from a different, broader perspective and take a truly holistic approach. 


As a naturopathic doctor, I am the only professional trained in nutrient/drug and nutrient/herb interactions,
so I can safely guide parents through complex questions. 

It is possible to introduce healthy, natural food to your children and have them

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Simple recipes

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Small steps

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Real results

Getting Started is Easy


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